Verdite (African Jade) Raw Stone

Verdite (African Jade) Raw Stone

Doers Beat Thinkers

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Chakra: Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root

Zodiac: Pisces

Verdite is a gemstone that increases the power. Regularly, Verdite is used to access and incorporate prehistoric knowledge. Emotionally, Verdite conveys reliability, solidity, and strength. In addition to, it is used for cleansing the blood, eliminating toxins, and genital disarrays.

Verdite improves the condition of the solar plexus, heart, sacral, and root chakra, as well. In fact, it motivates the improvement of one hearts desires with an energy and passion for life. Reflection with Verdite can give perceptions and visions from prehistoric civilizations. It can also stimulate the Kundalini, and must be used with vigilance when meditating for this reason. Other Features: Verdite has an exclusive emerald looking value with green and brown striations and it is well-known as “green gold” because it is a semi-precious gemstone that is unluckily becoming unusual and therefore, gradually more priceless. It is a solid stone where more skilled sculptor will urge to carve it. Verdite can be useful to disclose both dishonesty and precision of a relationship, especially for trust or mistrust issue.

Verdite is the lucky stone for Scientists, scholars and writers. The energies of this stone help to boost mental concentration and focus as well as memory and analytical abilities. Furthermore, meditating with Verdite aids in balancing the intuitive right brain with the rational left brain; this increases the accuracy of your intuition as well as your analytical abilities. It is your fixity of purpose that helps you to reach your goals. Once you organize your ideas and have a viable plan for your research or writing project, you will find it much easier to do your job more accurately. Your right brain inspires you with new ideas, but it is your left brain that helps you to plan your work precisely and effectively.

Light workers and psychic mediums can harness the energies of this crystalline ally for accessing the Akashic Records and retrieving ancient wisdom and secret knowledge. The Akashic Records contain all the esoteric information for deciphering the enigmatic language of the stars as well as all the other mysteries of the universe.

Knowledge is power; and indeed the secret knowledge contained in the Akashic Records gives one the power to intervene with the course of history. Therefore, only individuals who have stripped themselves of all egoism, self-interest and other negative character traits are allowed access to the Akashic Records. This is a Divine precaution that the secrets of the Akashic Records will only be used for the highest good of the universe and humanity.

The stone's vibrations can aid egocentric individuals with abrasive character traits to become more kind, considerate, empathic and compassionate to others. If someone you care about needs to soften up and learn how to be nicer to people, you can give them a bottle of Verdite gemstone elixir together with a piece of Verdite as a talisman to help them change for the better.

Stones pictured are an example of what you will receive. Please allow for some differences as each stone is unique.

***Remember, crystal meanings are for spiritual support, not prescription or healthcare information. Crystal and Spiritual healing info is not a substitute, nor intended to be a substitute for medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. It is presented as spiritual support ONLY. Please do not forego medical treatment if needed. For medical info please seek the advice of a licensed healthcare professional***