Raw Azurite Stones

Raw Azurite Stones

Doers Beat Thinkers

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Chakra: Crown and Third Eye

Zodiac: Sagittarius 

Planet: Jupiter and Uranus

Properties: Calming and Patience; Communication w/ Guides; Confidence; Inner Vision;  Manifestation; Psychic Abilities

Azurite is a stone that activates and unlocks our third eye and crown chakras, thereby linking the two. It's known as one of the premier stones for accessing our psychic abilities. It can assist you with lucid dreaming, astral projection, intuitive meditation, insight, and inner vision. If one has many dreams and often wonders what they mean, this is the perfect stone! Azurite can help enhance those very dreams and decode their imagery. Azurite will raise one's mental awareness, intellect, and wisdom that can help you reach new goals and desires. This copper carbonate is all about the mind and will help in the cleansing and purging negativity within it. Azurite brings great clarity that can help in the disposing of negative thoughts, bad habits, and even addictions.

Azurite works well with other high-frequency stones such as Kunzite, Elestial Quartz, and Danburite. When using these stones with Azurite, our third eye will strengthen and mental awareness expands. The result is that our intuitive side will begin to shine and help with numerous psychic abilities.

Blessed Healing!!!

Stones pictured are an example of what you will receive. Please allow for some differences as each stone is unique.

***Remember, crystal meanings are for spiritual support, not prescription or healthcare information. Crystal and Spiritual healing info is not a substitute, nor intended to be a substitute for medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. It is presented as spiritual support ONLY. Please do not forego medical treatment if needed. For medical info please seek the advice of a licensed healthcare professional***