Phoenix Stone aka Eilat Stone
Phoenix Stone aka Eilat Stone

Phoenix Stone aka Eilat Stone

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Properties: Abundance; Acceptance; Balance; Calm; Clarity; Communication; Creativity; Depression; Detoxification; aids in Digestion; Fertility; Harmony; Immune System; Inner Peace; Insomnia; Intuition; Joy; Mental Focus; Past Life Recall; Psychic Protection; Protection; Prosperity; Psychic Ability; PTSD; Recovery; Relationships; Self Confidence; Self Worth; Spirtual Enhancement; Wealth; Wisdom

Zodiacs: Scorpio; Capricorn

Planet: Venus

Chakras: All

Eilat Stone, also known as the Stone of King Solomon, is Israel's national stone. A potent and high-vibration crystal, it has been long believed throughout history as a stone that grants healing and cleansing to its owners.

The National Stone of Israel

It came to be known as such because of a story about this stone coming from the copper mines of King Solomon. Its biblical connection is why the Eilat stone is famous amongst many, even gaining status as Israel's national stone.

Although many of the eilat stone specimens and jewelry sold in Israel to tourists didn't come from those copper mines or even in Israel itself but were imported from other countries, many collectors and crystal enthusiasts are okay with it.

It's worth mentioning that Eilat stones from Israel are scarce because of the waning supply due to thousands of years of mining the mineral, so most crystals called Eilat stones are likely mined elsewhere.

Peru is one of the most significant outside sources of Eilat stones. There, it's also called as Azurite-Malachite-Chrysocolla.

The Eilat stone is a great emotional healer and mental balancer as well. As a stone that speaks to the heart and showers it with light energies, it has many benefits to the soul, including:

  • Joy

    Eilat stone is a bringer of joy and positivity. Carry them around to help keep sadness and negativity at bay, especially during stressful situations when it could help you when you are feeling low.

  • Depression

    As such, Eilat stone is also helpful for those who suffer from anxiety and depression. It combats fatigue and stress, especially if you are grieving the loss of a loved one. It could also aid you in coping during troubled times.

  • Insomnia

    Because of their calming effects, these healing crystals could also help with insomnia, giving you a good night's sleep. This is especially useful for those who can't sleep due to mental health problems or experiencing hard times.

  • Mental Clarity

    Eilat stone clears the mind and helps you attain focus. A clear mind will help you develop better ideas and make the right decisions.

  • Self-Confidence

    Eilat stone could also help boost one's self-esteem. It would help you trust and stay true to yourself. The eilat stone enhances your confidence and brings out your unique self in a world of conformity.

  • Acceptance

    Eilat stone aids you in accepting your individuality. Furthermore, this crystal also helps you heal and take wounds inflicted by others. It makes you come face to face with the truth and accept it. It also assists you during hardships and grief, helping you move past them.

  • Intuition

    This crystal helps boost your intuition and empathy. It aids you in knowing what other people around you feel so that you can act and react appropriately.

  • Communication

    This stone helps foster the truth. It guides you in speaking your truth and communicating them more effectively while helping you stay kind and considerate.

  • Relationships

    Eilat stone is excellent for partners and couples. It helps strengthen the bonds of marriage by enhancing telepathic communication between them. It helps you and your partner become more open while respecting each other's boundaries. If walls are between you and others, it tears them down without hurting you. Because it also enhances clear thinking and communication, it aids you in coming up with solutions. Eilat stone's also been said to boost a person's "capacity to love," making them more compassionate and kind.

  • True Love

    Eilat stone could also help you find your true love.

  • PTSD

    Eilat Stone's lovely and warm energies also heal traumatic experiences, especially wounds that relationships bring. It helps you deal with emotional trauma from abuse and toxicity.

  • Inner Peace

    Finally, the Eilat stone helps calm the heart and mind. It summons courage and composure during difficult times. It reminds you that peace comes from within. It will help you stay focused.

Eilat Stone Metaphysical Properties

Eilat stone isn't only known as a crystal healing stone but also one with many metaphysical properties.Past LifeEilat stone isn't only a physical and emotional healer. Its healing powers also extend to your spiritual journey. Our souls have experienced traumatic events in their past life. Eilat stones could help you heal from them. It will guide you to finally break the toxic cycles that have occurred during your previous lives, helping you become a renewed soul.

  • Psychic Ability

    Eilat stone helps promote psychic abilities, particularly intuition and clairvoyance. Having an Eilat stone could also cause you to experience psychic visions.

  • Balance

    Eilat stone could help balance the yin and yang energies.

  • Wealth

    Eilat stone could also bring in abundance and good fortune. As it promotes wisdom and clear thinking, it also helps you to become smarter with your finances. It's an encouraging stone that will push you to try harder. Because it also helps with creativity and confidence, you become full of ideas. It also dispels negativity, allowing you to stand up again after failures.

  • Harmony

    Wearing the Israel stone helps bring harmony to the mind, body, and spirit. It also links your heart and mind, balancing your overall well-being.

  • Protection

    The eilat stone helps transmute negative energies into positive ones. It also protects you from psychic attacks and purifies the negativity around you.

  • Wisdom

    Eilat stone is known for giving wisdom, mental clarity, and confidence to its wearer to help them make decisions. Solomon's Stone, and sage stone provide insight and knowledge to its wearer. Eilat stone will help you know what to do in particular situations and guide you in making wise decisions.

  • CreativityThis stone promotes creativity. It helps you develop better ideas and makes you more creative in decision-making.

  • Spiritual Development

    Gratitude is a precursor to spiritual development. Even though the Eilat stone helps bring wealth and abundance, it also counteracts materialism. By helping you become content and avoiding too much attachment to material objects, you become more appreciative of the things you have. With Eilat stone boosting contentedness and gratitude, you will become more spiritually mature.

Eilat Stone Meditation and Grounding

Eilat stone is also used in meditation. With plenty of benefits and positive effects, it's one of the best stones to help you reach a meditative state.

To meditate with Eilat stone, you can opt to wear it. However, you can do that if you are more comfortable holding it in your palm or putting it close to a particular chakra. Eilat stone is known to access more profound wisdom and bring body healing, so it's recommended to have them close whenever you meditate. Placing them in a grid also works.

First, take deep breaths and close your eyes. Ask the stone's permission to borrow its healing energies and wisdom. Visualize its light gradually enveloping your whole being. Then, meditate for as long as you need. When you are done meditating, thank the stone for its guidance.


Eilat Stone Crystal Combinations

Eilat stone works well with other copper-based minerals, such as the ones I've listed above. Pair it with any or several of those stones, which could boost Eilat stone's metaphysical properties. Besides those five, you may also pair it with other stones, including the following:

  1.  Phenacite

    Phenacite brings harmony to the whole being and promotes spiritual communication.

  2. Lapis Lazuli

    Lapiz Lazuli promotes mental clarity and self-awareness.

  3. Kunzite

    Kunzite helps communicate with spirits from higher dimensions and guides you to understand their messages.

  4. Petalite

    Petalite is a healing crystal that can help you deal with difficult emotions and cope during spiritual or emotional turmoil.

  5. Aquamarine

    Aquamarine brings tranquility to the inner self and helps you communicate with the higher realms.

Charging and Cleansing

Charging and cleansing are necessary to keep your stones free from negative energies that it may have accumulated. However, since Eilat stone could be easily scratched and crumbled, extra care is necessary.

Because it contains azurite and malachite, both sensitive to sunlight, avoid putting your Eilat stone directly under the sun. Don't also use harsh chemicals when cleaning it. To charge and cleanse Eilat stone safely, here are some recommended methods:

Crystal Charger

  • Many tools can help charge your crystals. Whether you use a pyramid, large selenite plates, bowls, or grids, you can enhance the powers of your stones as you charge them. As with other methods, you should set an intention when placing your stones on a crystal charger.

  • Full Moon

    Cleansing your stones with the full moon is an excellent way to remove negativity. Remove the stone the following morning before the sun gets too high into the sky. At twilight, place your crystals on a windowsill or a place where they can absorb the light of the moon (and its vibrations). You can also place several stones on a grid to charge with a specific intention.

  • Sound

    If you have large stones of several crystals, using sound may allow you to charge all of them at once. You can use Tibetan bells, a singing bowl, or tuning forks to create a vibrational tone that will fill the stone and renew them again. Play the sound for about 10 minutes to […]

  • Ground

    Returning your crystals to the earth can renew them with energy. Dig a hole in the ground and place a plate in the soil. Cover the plate slightly, then place the stones on top. Bury the stones and mark the place on the surface where you know where to dig. A week later, carefully remove the topsoil and remove the stones. If you reach the plate, you know you have gone too far and you may have dug up the stone.

  • Brown Rice

    You can safely place any crystal in brown rice for 24 hours to remove negative energy. All you need is a bowl or jar of brown rice that you can bury your stones in to cover them completely. After removing the rocks from the brown rice, you can use a soft brush to remove debris. Please dispose of the rice as it will have absorbed the negativity from the crystals.

  • Smudging

    Smudging your stones will immediately remove negative energies, so it is essential to open a window for them to leave if you are cleansing your crystals indoorLightght either used bundled or loose sage with a match then blow out the flame to produce smoke. Wave the stone through the smoke for 30 to 60 seconds to clear bad vibrations. Ensure you use a fire-safe bowl or plate for safety.

  • Visualization

    Visualization is a safe and powerful way of charging any of your crystals. Take time to center your energy and ground yourself, then pick up the stone in your hands. Focus on filling your hands with a radiant light through visualization for a minute or two. Focus on removing the negativity from the stone, allowing it to be cleansed and recharged with purpose. You should be able to feel the energy within the stone shift into positivity.

  • Breath

    Some crystals can be cleansed with your breath. All you need to do is hold the stone in your hand (the dominant hand is best), close your eyes, and focus on your intention to clean the stone. Take a deep breath and fill your air with the choice. Blow out the air in short spurts over the crystal to removy negative energy. You will typically need to do this for 30-60 seconds per stone.

Although some people cleanse Eilat stone using mild detergent and water, you can use these other methods instead if you aren't sure. Some copper minerals like malachite which could be found in Eilat stone don't do well in water, so it's best to avoid it. However, if you decide it's okay to use soapy water to cleanse it, be sure not to use cleaners with harsh ingredients and don't put them in the water too long.

Eilat stone can be worn as jewelry, placed as decor in your living or working space, or used in meditation.

However, it's perhaps most popular as jewelry. From necklaces to drop Eilat stone earrings, the choices are endless.

Beautiful Eilat stone jewelry is sold in Israel as well as in some reputable online stores.

When buying, take note of the reviews and be wary of fakes, as other people wouldn't think twice about selling you one. Eilat stones with turquoise content should not stick if they are authentic and untreated. One test that could help you determine it's a genuine Eilat stone if it doesn't stick to your tongue.

You can also carry a polished tumbled stone in your pocket or purse. This could help bring Eilat Stone's energy with you everywhere.

Blessed Healing!!!

Stones pictured are an example of what you will receive. Please allow for some differences as each stone is unique.

***Remember, crystal meanings are for spiritual support, not prescription or healthcare information. Crystal and Spiritual healing info is not a substitute, nor intended to be a substitute for medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. It is presented as spiritual support ONLY. Please do not forego medical treatment if needed. For medical info please seek the advice of a licensed healthcare professional***