Ocean Jasper (Madagascar) Large Tumblestone

Ocean Jasper (Madagascar) Large Tumblestone

Doers Beat Thinkers

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Chakra: Throat, Heart, and Solar Plexus

Zodiac: Capricorn

Planet: Earth

Properties: Anxiety Relief; Expanded Awareness; Ancient Knowledge; Clarity; Claiming Wholeness; Channeling; Calming and Patience; Clairvoyance; Decisiveness; Focus; Generosity; Gentle Self-Expression; Motivation; Personal Will

Ocean Jasper activates and aligns our solar plexus, heart, and throat chakras. This highly energetic channel allows one to combine their will with their emotions, pushing one to achieve joy, happiness, and emotional stability. Ocean Jasper assists with releasing any weight or strains carried on the heart, and it urges the user to vocalize and move forward from these emotional issues. Like the water that helped create this magical stone, one must be willing to “go with the flow” when accepting this stone's energy.

Ocean Jasper is a perfect stone to help one heal and find resolution with their emotions, relationships, and most importantly, themselves. We suggest bringing this stone with you whenever you discuss sensitive feelings that have been locked away within. It's a perfect stone to slip into your pocket before your next therapy appointment or can even serve as a talisman one uses to help break down the barriers in highly valued relationships. We also recommend this stone to couples who can't seem to build the right chemistry within their relationship. Ocean Jasper helps one become more positive and comfortable with themselves while also expressing their true self with ease.

When working with this stone, close your eyes and imagine yourself floating on a bed of waves. Slowly lower your heartbeat and take long, deep breaths. While doing so, picture each wave getting smaller and further apart than the last. When you have reached a fully calm and clear state of mind, begin to visualize the negative emotions that are within you at that moment. Open your mind up and begin to process these feelings; if speaking them out loud helps, we urge you to do so. Continue doing this until one feels a sense of emotional clarity and resolution. This exercise is here to help you come full circle in traumatic life events while reminding you of the true inner strength you possess. We recommend this meditation to anyone looking to take back control of their emotional body and begin to grow into the next beautiful version of yourself!


Blessed Healing!!!

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