Kiwi (Sesame) Jasper Tower

Kiwi (Sesame) Jasper Tower

Doers Beat Thinkers

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Origin: New Zealand

Chakra: Heart

Zodiac: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, 

Planet: Earth

Properties: Tranquility; Releasing Addictions and Compulsions; Enhances Emotional Strength

Kiwi Jasper is a nurturing stone. It sustains and supports us during times of stress, and brings tranquility and wholeness. Used in healing, it unifies all aspects of your life. Jasper aligns the chakras and absorbs negative energy.

Kiwi/Sesame Jasper becomes warm when held, with a sense of healing, and the feet become warm too, also felt peaceful and relaxed.

Kiwi/Sesame Jasper is a pale seafoam green color with black & clear crystal spotting effect throughout the stones. It’s a nurturing stone, a good stone for the healers to use on the behalf of others. A good stone for people in counseling or therapy, who want to overcome addictions or compulsive behavior, and gather up their strength for the emotional battle head. It is a power stone for those who stand for justice & fair play.

Despite its natural color, this is not a soft pillowy kind of energy, but rather incredibly vibrant and stimulating. It raises ones spirit and elevates the mood. This “euphoria” is not the kind that you lose your thought process, but it more attunes you to the natural pulse of love, which of course brings about the shift in attitude, mood and mind. This in turn helps in balancing the art of giving and receiving. Often we are drawn to one or the other, and have trouble balancing…this stone will help one to see that both sides (like ying & yang) are necessary and both are needed for wholeness.