Green Jade Sphere

Green Jade Sphere

Doers Beat Thinkers

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Chakra: Heart

Zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Libra

Properties: Abundance, Astral Travel; Eliminate Toxins; Calming and Patience, Fertility and Pregnancy; Lucid Dreaming; Dreams, Intuition, Joy, Inner Peace; Love and Relationships; Self Healing; Transmutes Negative Energy; Protection; Peace of Mind; Stability; Longevity; Fertility; Serenity;  Wisdom; Practicality; Tranquility; Balance; Peace; Harmony; Moderation; Perspective

 Jade is a powerful healing stone for the heart. The potent energies it carries can be felt almost instantly when touched, primarily when held to the heart. Its energies flow outwards towards the heart, injecting it with love and balance to soften any weight one contains within it. Jade has a nurturing nature within its energetic makeup that seeks to heal, replenish, and support. Its energies pulse steadily and abundantly throughout the body from the heart, providing physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Working with this stone provides a genuine heart-to-heart connection with the stone itself and divine love.

 Jade is a strong earth element stone and has a profound connection with Mother Earth. It is an incredible ally in understanding and connecting with nature, allowing one to work directly with natural energy and integrate it with their energetic field. This helps to nurture your chi energy, just like the trees, giving it a firm root of love in the heart so it can steadily increase, grow, and flourish. Green Jade will also help maintain the connection to nature energy, even when one is away from nature.

 Jade is also one of the very few stones that will transmute the negative energies surrounding you and release them into positive vibrations of love and joy that will benefit everyone in your environment. It brings the mind and body into harmony and promotes stabilization of one’s personality. Jade is a very calming stone that anyone who has trouble dealing with situations or feels overwhelmed daily should be carried. This stone aids in realizing that we are all spiritual beings on the journey of human life, and in turn, helps one in becoming who they indeed are in this physical life.

Jade is an excellent stone for young ones as it is used to protect children from harm and aids in maintaining purity and serenity. It is also beneficial for those who feel they have lost touch with their inner child and can be of great aid in mending emotional wounds from the past so that one may reclaim their purity. It is recommended to wear Jade (or keep it nearby) when recovering from physical injuries as it can undo physical damage. Working with Jade or putting a piece in your pocket before bed will allow for a full, harmonious physical body recovery while resting. Jade is also a beneficial dream stone; placing a bit under your pillowcase or even taping a piece to your forehead will assist with lucid dreaming and enhance dream recall abilities.

Throughout time Jade has been used as a stone of abundance and prosperity. It has also been used to aid in shamanistic practices and astral travel. In ancient Chinese culture, Jade was used to strengthening the body through life and protect the soul after death. Some items that excavation teams have found consist of Jade pendants, musical instruments, and massive amounts of different-sized Jade gems. Jade is believed to be one of the stones used in the High Priest breastplate as well as Aaron in the Old Testament.

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