Dumortierite (Blue Quartz) Tumblestones

Dumortierite (Blue Quartz) Tumblestones

Doers Beat Thinkers

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Chakra: Third Eye

Zodiac: Leo

Planet: Saturn

Properties: Astral Travel; Attunement; Ascension; Dreams; Consciousness; Channeling; Channeling and Grounding Higher Vibrations; Enhancing; Expanded Awareness; Expansion; Higher Self; Intuition; Intention Enhancement; Interdimensional Communication; Knowledge; Insight; Opportunities; Life Path; Lucid Dreaming; Meditation; Mental Enhancement; Inner Vision; Peace of Mind; Self Discipline; Self Discovery; Sense of Purpose; Spiritual Awakening; Psychic Abilities; Synchronicity; Transformation; Wisdom

Dumortierite is a very high vibrational stone that unlocks your third eye chakra and activates unique psychic abilities. These abilities can range from simple actions such as remembering one’s dreams better, too lucid dreaming, astral projection, connection with higher realms, synchronicities, channeling, and even ESP forms. Dumortierite’s powers raise one’s intuitive side, as well as their intellectual capacity. Simply carrying or wearing this stone will attune one to the higher knowledge they will soon be receiving. One major indication that Dumortierite’s powers have imbued you is the increase in your own personal memory, as well as your mind being able to retain and understand new information coming at you daily.

This stone helps you see the worth of every human. It assists in standing up for yourself and adapting to your present reality. It also helps you remain young at heart. This is an excellent stone to help you promote a positive attitude to life. Dumortierite helps you develop your linguistic capabilities so that you can communicate with other cultures.

When it comes to increasing one's memory and mental capacity, Dumortierite will be the best stone you can get your hands on. We recommend this stone to anyone studying for tests that have a hard time holding onto the information they read. I suggest setting an intention into your Dumortierite piece and keeping it next to you as you study, as well as putting a piece in your pocket throughout the day to serve as a reminder of the mission you are on. Let the stone speak back to you and refresh your memory of all the ideas you’ve just recently absorbed. Most importantly, make sure you bring it on the day of your test! Place your Dumortierite in front of you at your desk and allow its intuitive energy to be released and fill your entire environment. When the test is complete and your intention is fulfilled, it's exceptionally vital to clear the stone of your old intention. Once done, this stone is ready to serve you once more and help keep you moving forward on your life path.

Dumortierite can sometimes be found as inclusion within Quartz. This combo stone is like no other and is extremely rare. Dumortierite’s powers are greatly enhanced by the Quartz crystal and maybe too powerful for some practitioners. We recommend a grounding stone for anyone unsure if they can understand and cooperate with the enormous power radiating off this mineral. For increasing one's connection to higher realms and dimensions, try meditating with this piece over your third eye and see just how powerful this stone is. One will soon realize the great potential Dumortierite can offer and the importance of this mineral when trying to project yourself into higher vibrations.


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The stones pictured are an example of what you will receive. Please allow for some differences as each stone is unique.

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