Charoite Tumblestone

Charoite Tumblestone

Doers Beat Thinkers

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Zodiac: Virgo, Scorpio, and Sagittarius 

Chakras: Etheric, Crown, Third Eye, Heart, Solar Plexus, Etheric, Earthstar

Planet: Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron

Properties: Aura Cleansing; Bridging the Physical and Spiritual Worlds; Stress Relief; Intuition; Life Path; Lucid Dreaming; Insight; Calming and Patience; Psychic Abilities; Transformation; Mastering Fear; Transmutation of Negative Energies; Trust; Spiritual Awakening; Self-Discipline

Charoite is a stone that bridges the higher dimensions with the physical plane. It does this by linking the heart and crown to combine the spiritual plane's high vibrations with unconditional love on the Earthly plane. This, in turn, brings extremely high vibrations into the heart while sending the heart’s love and desires into higher vibrational realms. Merging the heart and crown in this manner creates an environment of unconditional love within the self. This increases one’s giving nature and opens the heart to see the connection between us. Charoite also activates the latent inner knowledge that leads one to the path of service to the world. When in full resonation with this stone, one’s internal work easily reflects outward and becomes a part of one service to their own life path, transformation, and the world.

Charoite is also a stone of transformation that bestows goodness upon those who work with it. It is known to bring forth the ultimate benefits in all of life’s situations. Charoite emanates vibrations that overcome all fears and assist in coping with fundamental change. These vibrations help release unconscious fears and act as a catalyst for healing and transmutation of old patterns. Calcite inclusions in the purple swirls help to overcome any resistance to needed changes. Charoite is also an incredible ally for mastering compulsions and obsessions. This stone makes one more open to letting life flow naturally through the realizations that: one is, in fact, right where one should be in any given moment, and as one door closes, another opens.

Charoite is an excellent teacher of acceptance, helping one understand that we are all on our own paths. It aids in accepting that the present moment is truly perfect - for it is where we need to be, a part of our destiny. Through this acceptance, Charoite’s link to higher realities guides us through the vibrational shifts necessary to move on towards our soul’s highest, most desired path in this experience. Charoite is an incredible assistant in accepting the self while still taking action towards forwarding motion. When the heart and spirit are totally integrated to align the physical body with the perfect self - this forward motion rapidly increases. Charoite also facilitates the acceptance of others regardless of the current understanding, stage of development, or actualization level in which they appear. This is especially helpful for those who find themselves frustrated by the seemingly slow development of those around them. It is a powerful stone of brotherhood, a perfect ally in the formation and fortification of tribes, teams, families, friend groups, and businesses.

The energies of this stone are of great aid in removing any mental attachments that serve no good. This is especially beneficial for those driven by others' thoughts as opposed to their own. It removes projections that others tend to place on us while also taking back the projections we place on others, freeing the mind from assumptions. Charoite is a powerful assistant in viewing things with a more objective view. It can also greatly increase the occurrence of synchronicities in one’s life. When one is fully in tune with an awareness of synchronicities and the messages they bring, it becomes natural to move through life on the path of one’s highest potential. When meditating or dreaming with this stone, it can bring one to the gate that reveals the connection between life cycles, oneness, duality, trinity, and eternity.  

Blessed  Healing!!!

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