Black Obsidian Tumblestones

Black Obsidian Tumblestones

Doers Beat Thinkers

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Chakra: Root

Zodiac: Scorpio, Sagittarius

Planet: Saturn

Properties: Abundance; Clearing; Creativity; Creating Your Own Reality; Focus; Fulfilment; Grounding; Inner Peace; Intuition; Purification; Protection; Transformation;  Metamorphoses; Manifestation; Practicality; Psychic Ability; Retrograde; Stress Relief; Strength; Trauma

Black Obsidian is a powerful and creative stone. Obsidian is a stone formed by lava that didn’t have enough time to cool into glass. This volcanic glass aids in protection, grounding, and spiritual communication. Known as a “psychic vacuum cleaner,” Black Obsidian removes all the junk and cleanses all negativity out of your auric field and environment. This stone has powerful grounding frequencies and will heavily assist in psychic protection when needed. Obsidian also brings out all of our creative energies to be intertwined and influence our every action. As humans, it’s essential to constantly use our creative powers to keep them free-flowing at ease. When we reduce our output of creativity, these energies begin to go dormant and stale. It can be difficult to re-ignite creative energies, so it is best to use them constantly. Black Obsidian increases self-control. It forces facing up to one’s true self. While releasing imbalances,  it forms a shield against negative energies. Black Obsidian is protective and provides support during change. It repels negativity, blocks psychic attacks, and disperses unloving thoughts.   Obsidian draws out mental stress and tension. It stimulates growth on all levels, urging exploration of the unknown and opening new horizons. Brings clarity to the mind and clears confusion. Helps you to know who you truly are. Obsidian dissolves emotional blockages and ancient traumas. It promotes qualities of compassion and strength.

Crystal Pairings

Obsidian works well with a number of other stones, assisting and enhancing each other’s energy. Smokey Quartz, being a stone aiding in the transmutation of negative energies, will work extremely well with the powerful cleansing effects of Obsidian. While the Obsidian cleanses the auric field of the user, the Smokey Quartz transmutes that energy into positivity the user can then use to better themselves.

Blessed Healing!!!

Stones pictured are an example of what you will receive. Please allow for some differences as each stone is unique.

***Remember, crystal meanings are for spiritual support, not prescription or healthcare information. Crystal and Spiritual healing info is not a substitute, nor intended to be a substitute for medical advice, treatment or diagnosis. It is presented as spiritual support ONLY. Please do not forego medical treatment if needed. For medical info please seek the advice of a licensed healthcare professional***