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Tiffany Burke, Reiki Master, Astrologer, Crystal Healer
Proprietor of Doers Beat ThinkersTM


I’m blessed that your spiritual energy found its way here!  Welcome. 

My name is Tiffany Burke and I am a healer. 

I  have always admired the shimmering beauty of crystals and gems.  But even as a young child I realized I was naturally attracted to crystals for their metaphysical energies and not just their beauty.   

My shift in vibration began when I was a child and would go hunting for rocks for hours. My drawers would be full of crystals. My grandmother would always say, “Everything in life is a vibration, including you,”. She always had pieces of Turquoise that she said had healing powers.  And there was no denying the energy shifts and the healing power I experienced when I wore them. 

Crystal healing is deeply personal to me.  It is not a trend. 

Indigenous people have used powerful gems – like selenite, turquoise, obsidian, and labradorite – for centuries to heal ourselves and our people.  Openly engaging with these vibrations have helped us to recalibrate into balanced ‘hue’ mans – physically, emotionally and spiritually. 


This is our birthright. 


I want to empower you with patience and understanding to help cultivate your own journey of spirituality and wellbeing.   Whether you’re just starting to wonder how to manifest your goals or you’re putting opportunities in action – I want to be your resource for crystals and other spiritual tools.


At Doers Beat ThinkersTM you’ll find a selection of the best quality raw, rough, tumbled and polished gemstones – all intuitively chosen by me.   In addition to the natural vibration of each gemstone, I use the powerful mental and spiritual practice of Reiki to transfer universal energy to your crystals in order to encourage your emotional and/or physical healing.  While in my care, each gemstone will receive a transfer of vital healing energy each month – during both the new and full moon.

As you create your own unique path towards balance and happiness, continue to visit for inventory updates, educational videos and blogs. You can also schedule a
one-on-one astrological reading or Reiki consultation.


Blessed Healing to You,

 Tiffany Burke