New Moon in Virgo... Let's Get in Formation

The New Moon in Virgo is happening on September 17th, 2020 - and will be the first of three back to back Supermoons in September, October and November. I truly love talking about Virgo season because we all need someone to push and motivate us into being the best versions of ourselves. Virgo’s are known to be spiritually and physically well, highly organized, hardworking and detailed oriented. So if anyone is going to inspire the rest of the Zodiac signs to show up and show out, it’s a Virgo friends.

 New Moon’s are a time for us to start new things and look inside ourselves for the answers to our fresh starts. Also, the Virgo sign in Astrology is associated with organization, being reliable, efficient, healing, wellness, physical and digestive health.  When a new moon aligns in the sign of Virgo, it represents a time for people to tap into their work ethic and overall health to help guide them into getting things done, especially with the moon interacting with Saturn’s Retrograde in Capricorn. Saturn is basically the mother of boundaries and respecting time and space. When you throw Capricorn into that mix, there’s going to be a whole lot of boss moves happening. Capricorns do not play about their money or their business - so you could be making some big financial plays during this time while simultaneous burning bridges and putting people in their place. You need to prepare yourself for a serious life change happening during this time. This is ultimately a challenging but rewarding time for anyone getting their careers, finances or relationships in order.


What you want to focus on during a New Moon in Virgo is getting your physical health back on track. Now is the time to get disciplined with where you are buying your food, what kinds of foods you are putting in your body, and making overall smarter choices on how to live your life. Although you may be indoors more than you like, look into online dance or fitness classes to move your body. Look into ways you can be smarter about your budget. Youtube is a great resource for pretty much anything these days! Oh, and just go ahead and delete Uber Eats, Grub Hub, and Post Mates from your phone. Your budget and waistline will thank you later.


Use the New Moon in Virgo to get your life in order! You know that ongoing to-do-list you have in your notes, that includes your new budget, opening up an IRA, paying down credit card debt, meal-prepping schedule, books to read and parks to visit that you haven’t gotten to? Get to it! The New Moon in Virgo is the life coach we all need and just don’t know. Virgo energy is all about improving your overall well-being and being a stickler about it. There’s rarely enough room for you to show up as your best self and also come with a bag full of excuses. Virgo energy isn’t having ANY of that! You either come ready to be the best version of yourself or don’t even try. So in the eternal words of the Queen Virgo Bey “Let’s Get in Formation”.

Find your Rising sign in this list to see which House the Moon is in for you:


Aries – 6th House: daily routines; including at work; your health; duty.

Taurus – 5th House: romance; creativity; kids (your own or someone else’s) pursuit of pleasure; love affairs.

Gemini – 4th House: Home and Family; All things domestic; where you belong; your past.

Cancer – 3rd house: communications; siblings; neighbors; quick trips; early learning and education.

Leo – 2nd House: money; property and possessions; values including how you value yourself.

Virgo – 1st House: your appearance and image; self-identity; how you come across to others.

Libra – 12th House: your fears; your spirituality; dreams; self-undoing; withdrawal; secret or hidden enemies.

Scorpio – 11th House: friends; networks; social circles; hopes and wishes.

Sagittarius – 10th House: your career and ambitions; how you make your mark in the world; what people know you for; your reputation.

Capricorn – 9th House: study; travel; the Great Cosmic Quest; the Internet; higher learning; religion; teaching; spirituality.

Aquarius – 8th House: joint finances; credit cards; debts; sex; anything you consider taboo; inheritance; transformation.

Pisces – 7th House: your lovers; your spouse; your ex-enemies; any sort of partner; including business partners; cooperation and competition.


Some excellent crystals to work with during this New Moon in Virgo are Lapis Lazuli, Carnelian, Citrine, Opalite, Moonstone, Sardonyx, Amazonite, Selenite