Full Moon in Virgo and Saturn in Pisces

Full Moon in Virgo 2023 and Saturn in Pisces

Full Moon in Virgo 2023 and Saturn in Pisces

The Full Moon in Virgo 2023 and Saturn in Pisces will be an exciting time for those born with their sun, moon, or ascendant in Virgo and who have Saturn in the sign of Pisces. This is not necessarily a time to fear, but it can be challenging when dealing with this planetary combination.

The Virgo Full Moon is the beginning of an era. It's a time when we are inspired and motivated to serve, make our lives matter, and contribute something meaningful to the world.

The Pisces Saturn aspect happens at the end of an era (Saturn) and marks a time when you have learned what matters most in life--and what doesn't matter. You'll see things more clearly now than ever before because your perspective has shifted from that of someone seeking happiness through material possessions or achievements to one where your focus is on cultivating inner peace instead.


If you were born under the sign of Virgo (August 23-September 22), then you're probably familiar with Saturn. The planet of discipline and structure, who rules over your sign's element, earth--and keeps it from being too flighty and carefree!

Yes, while Saturn was busy being responsible for all things serious in your life, like work ethic and organization skills, Virgo was quietly taking care of other stuff: like making sure that everyone around them feels good about themselves; or helping them achieve their goals at work and home, or figuring out ways they could improve upon their current situation so they could feel even better than before!

The end of an era (Saturn) and the start of a new one (Virgo).

This is the end of an era and the beginning of a new one.

The end of Saturn in Aquarius 

Saturn was in Pisces for seven years (2010-2017), which we all know was when people were really into spirituality and meditation. That's because Pisces is an air sign about spirituality--it's like being on drugs! You can't help but feel like everything is connected when you're under its influence- like everything has meaning and purpose inside itself. It's also very dreamy because it rules over Neptune, which rules illusions... so there are lots of things happening here at once: dreams being created while people are high off their gills on drugs, illusions being made, visions appearing... it feels like anything goes! But then Saturn comes along to end all this nonsense by bringing order back into our lives with practicality: "You need food? Here's some bread." Or "This house needs cleaning up," etcetera until everything gets done properly again, so nothing gets left undone!

Be of service.

Now is a great time to be of service to others. Whether you volunteer at a local soup kitchen or donate your time and energy to an organization that aims to improve the world, this is an excellent opportunity for you to give back.

You may also want to consider helping out someone in need who doesn't have access to the same resources as you do (like money or connections). This could mean offering them food or clothing, but it could also involve more intangible forms of assistance: listening without judgment, giving advice when asked, lending support during difficult times. Whatever form your generosity takes, know that there will be plenty of people around who appreciate it--and if there aren't any right now? Well, then maybe they'll come along later!

Be kind.

  • Be kind to yourself.

  • Be kind to others.

  • Be kind to the planet.

  • Be kind to animals and plants (none of us is an island).

  • And finally, be kind to the universe--it's what we're made of!

Balance spirituality and practical life.

  • Balance spirituality and practical life.

  • How to do this:

  • Take a moment to reflect on the most important things to you in your life. Are they spiritual or physical? Do they involve your body or mind? Where do these two aspects of yourself meet or clash? If there is any conflict, what could be done to resolve it?

  • What this means for you: You can use this full moon as an opportunity for self-reflection and healing by balancing your spiritual needs with practical ones (or vice versa). This may mean taking time out of your busy schedule to meditate on something that brings joy into your life or making sure that every day includes some part where you feel like yourself again--even if it's just going through old photos from childhood.

Take advantage of this time to set up your next endeavors to make sure you can keep moving forward with your goals, dreams, and aspirations no matter what happens in life.

This is the time to set up your next endeavors toto ensure you can keep moving forward with your goals, dreams, and aspirations no matter what happens in life. The Full Moon in Virgo (2023) will be on March 7 at 12:12 am EST / 5:12 pm GMT.

Saturn is currently about to be stationed in Pisces, which makes this an excellent time for setting up new goals for yourself or even reevaluating old ones if needed. This is also an excellent time to take care of any unfinished business from past lives so they don't weigh heavily on your mind anymore!

If you want to make some changes in your life, this could be the perfect time to do so. The Full Moon in Virgo can help motivate you to do the work needed to achieve your goals. Virgo is all about getting things done and making sure they are done right--and this is especially true when it comes to health and wellness!

These are the crystals we will be utilizing for the Full Moon in Virgo

     1. Sardonyx - supports you finding your purpose and processing information. It builds willpower strengthening character and improving your self control. Attracts good friends and helps you find a stable relationship 

  1. Amazonite - creates emotional balance and facilitates constructive expression 
  1. Amber - relieves tension or anxiety during stressful situations
  1. Prenhite - connects you to trust in faith and divine manifestation, ensuring that all you need is provided. Facilitates letting go of material things.
  1. Rutile Quartz - helps release your attachment to the past so that you can fully recognize your purpose. 
  1. Fluorite - helps you understand the effect the emotions and mind have on the body.
  1. Chocolate Calcite- protects from negative
    energy, brings about sense of peace, prosperity, grounding that helps you make concise and constructive decisions.
  1. Green Onyx- meant for anyone who wants to speak truth from the heart, it allows for a still mind so that one may call upon their inner endurance and persistence, making both self-mastery and dreadful tasks feel like a breeze.

    9. Kyanite (Blue or Black) - encourages you to trust your innate intuition. 

  1. Pietersite - helps release any vows or promises that no longer serve you. Pushes you to walk in your own truth 
  2. Topaz - helps you recognize your own truth and return you to your path. Helps you to not only recognize your own abilities, but also have the charisma, confidence, and ability to communicate those strengths to others, putting you in a position to win. Also excellent for this moon so you can be of service